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how to live:

The rule of thumb is to make more friends. If you don’t know how to live, how to spend your free time, you should imitate others, not copy the past. Get rid of your own bad habits, absorb the 移民英國 of others, such as how to love life, and then create many beautiful memories with them. Turn the past upside down and give life new possibilities; love yourself if you can.

Tip: Make friends when you are bored, and talk to friends when you don’t have money (the latter is suitable for sister paper).

How to socialize:

You must first learn to control your emotions and get along with loneliness.

I started running at night, listening to songs with stories, and sometimes crying while running, my legs became very rough, but the bitch who drank chicken soup could not survive. For emotions, it seems very far away, but the 家居保 of exercise is really helping the human body to relieve stress and vent emotions. There is such a person, pay attention to the things you like, remember that anyway, your own happiness is the most important, so do those things that can make you happy.


1. As an experienced person, I am the first to mix with Asian circles. First, I am better than the white circle, because I am naturally close to yellow skin. The second reason is that to be honest, it is common that these are 移民英國準備 sister papers, and the fresh meat in South Korea is harder than the people themselves. Especially in recent days, the wealthy children’s groups abroad are gilded, mixed with bad weather or very bad circles.

2. Roommates are the key to determining the quality of your life. I wish you all meet a very nice person.

3. Werewolf killing is really a modern social killer.

what do you like:

The way to do this is to expand your interest or rediscover your old dreams. Once you have an idea, do it right away, to experience more, to feel more, to feel more, to be more productive, To execute more efficiently. Then make a horizontal analysis and comparison in different interests, and finally determine your own professional knowledge or career development blueprint.

As for why you have to understand your own preferences, one is personal preference to stimulate the consciousness of independent choice, and the other is to avoid the broad roads paved by parents and avoid being successfully brainwashed.

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